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2027476635 / 202 747 6635

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 202-747-6635 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 2027476635 ID

  • Num PFX: 202
  • Num SFX: 202747
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Global Crossing Telemanagement-dc
  • State: DC - District of Columbia
  • County:
  • City:
  • Timezone: Eastern

202-747-6635 User reports

User Sam reported on Fri, 1st of Jul 16, 13:14

Loud call center in background and caller had a thick Indian accent. He said he was from "the government" repeatedly and claimed i had been randomly selected to receive a grant for 9000 dollars. I asked what the grant was for because i have applied for student grants but he only said it was random. Obviously a scam call. I'm sure the next step was to get my banking information. I told him our government grants don't work like a lottery. You get them to start a business, buy land, or go to school. He insisted i was randomly chosen and i then asked him to not call again. On the second call i was told i got a government grant for 7500 and that i was approved to get it 5 years in a row. Still this person insisted it was randomly awarded and that i could spend it any way i choose.
User malysa reported on Thu, 30th of Jun 16, 14:16

User Samantha reported on Thu, 30th of Jun 16, 12:25

This number tried buying me for a 1000 dollars I cannot believe the nerve of some people get a life
User Barbara reported on Thu, 9th of Jun 16, 16:20

This number has called numerous times and each time the person on the other speaks boken english. If you ask why they are calling they either get irrate or hang up. Scam!
User Marianne reported on Thu, 9th of Jun 16, 12:24

They called me twice in an hour. It sounded like a busy call center and the woman on the phone had a thick accent. I could barely understand her. She asked for a "Laura", I couldn't understand a word she was saying and told her she had the wrong number.
User Lyn reported on Thu, 9th of Jun 16, 11:35

would not disclose who it was or purpose of call and could not properly pronounce my name. When I asked again who it was they hung up. Scam.
User Larry reported on Thu, 9th of Jun 16, 11:17

I answered and they never said a word
User James reported on Thu, 9th of Jun 16, 10:58

scam scam scam
User Anonymous reported on Thu, 9th of Jun 16, 9:36

Someone called from this number. I heard a lot of noise in the background so I assumed it was a telemarketer . He asked if it was (they used my name) I asked who are you. He didn't respond so I repeated who are you. At this point he said F*** you and hung up
User Greg reported on Tue, 7th of Jun 16, 16:24

This number just called me and I don't want it to happen to anyone else. They are trying to steal your credit card information

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