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3013550610 / 301 355 0610

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 301-355-0610 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 3013550610 ID

  • Num PFX: 301
  • Num SFX: 301355
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Verizon Maryland
  • State: MD - Maryland
  • County: Montgomery
  • City: Gaithersburg
  • Timezone: Eastern

301-355-0610 User reports

User Miss Davis reported on Fri, 19th of Feb 16, 16:16

I got the same email from James Anderson with the department of justice but this is the information that was at the bottom of the letter. This guy is a joke.

Note: To make the payment you would have to contact our number which is (443) 303-8834.

James Anderson
U.S. Department of Justice

101 West Lombard St Suite 2625
Baltimore MD 21201
(443) 303-8834
User Joseph reported on Thu, 21st of Jan 16, 21:17

This idiot left a message on my voicemail, claiming his name is "Travis Carter" from the Department of Justice, saying that "there is a lawsuit make for you in court" and wanted me to call him immediately. He has a very thick accent and terrible grammar. You would think that this scam artist would have done a better job at acting. Well, lucky for him that I am a California attorney, and I and my close attorney friends started looking into this right away. I am concerned for the elderly and non-English speaking immigrants who might fall for this scam. Please warn your elderly friends and family, or friends and family who speak limited English, to ignore calls from this number or similar messages from other numbers. I suspect that these people may use multiple fake numbers to pull off this scam. I am Asian and I suspect that they randomly picked me based on my Asian family name, hoping that they will get a potential victim with limited English. I will look into the appropriate authorities to report this and may update my findings later, but these guys may be difficult to find anyway. They can easily abandon this number and use a different number. Bottom line is, if you come across this webpage or my post, be aware and warn your friends and family of this scam.
User LASHON reported on Wed, 20th of Jan 16, 9:04

I received a call today threatening that I was being audited for tax fraud also. This time the name was travis carter.
User Shanice grant reported on Fri, 15th of Jan 16, 7:48

James Anderson
U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Ave ,NW
(301) 355-0610
Same guy keeps calling me. Just called me this morning too. I dont trust it.
User Lynn reported on Wed, 13th of Jan 16, 13:51

Also got a call from this number. They left a message. The guy had a foreign accent yet claimed to be Agent John Anderson. From the DOJ.
User June reported on Mon, 11th of Jan 16, 12:49

DO not fall for these idiots. I swear at them, laugh at them and harass them right back. Agent James Anderson has already hung up on me 3 times. The IRS don't email people, nor does the Dept of Justice. After they get sick of me calling them they change numbers. Also get emails from these jerks,I love to answer those.
User N/A reported on Fri, 8th of Jan 16, 16:23

My husband just got a email from the stating that THE IRS, is doing a audit of his tax . And that they concluded that taxes worth $4852 have been under-paid by you. The IRS has discovered strong evidence - that this was not a result of innocent negligence.
They talking about putting a lien on his assets including your house and car and ect.
They people are crazy
User N?A reported on Fri, 8th of Jan 16, 15:49

i have just received the exact same email and idk what to think
User william reported on Fri, 8th of Jan 16, 7:50

This guy called me this morning to saying he was from the doj.... this happened about a year ago around the same time this guy is a joke so do not help him in anyway just hang the phone up and report him
User Stacie reported on Thu, 7th of Jan 16, 7:59

Just got an email from [email protected] - Message states I have an outstanding loan in the amount of $1435.29 and provides a case number. Says if I don't respond in 6 hours, they will proceed with legal action and I will be sued for $15000.00. Has an "arrest warrant" attached. Also states they will contact my employer and garnish wages. Name at the bottom of the email is James Anderson, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington DC, 20530 and phone number 301-355-0610. The grammar in the message is a little off, so that raised a red flag to me right away.

I haven't gotten phone calls as of yet, just this one email.
User lisa reported on Wed, 6th of Jan 16, 15:27

This anderson guy keeps emailing arrest warrants to me saying i owe 1400 on a loan and they are pressing charges for 15000 for loan fraud. I HAVE NEVER RECIEVED A LOAN. THE ADDRESS He left is thw dept of justice in washington but tge area code doesnt maych washington dcs 202 area code.
James Anderson
U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Ave ,NW
User D Long reported on Wed, 6th of Jan 16, 9:00

Also got a call from this number. They left a message. The guy had a foreign accent yet claimed to be Agent John Anderson. First scam call of the new year!!!
User JD reported on Tue, 5th of Jan 16, 9:04

Just got a call also saying this was Agent so and so from the DOJ.
User NG reported on Tue, 5th of Jan 16, 8:53

Just got a call from these idiots claiming they're the DOJ and going to send federal agents to my house
User Anna Helton reported on Tue, 22nd of Dec 15, 8:36

was just called buy this number, was claiming to be department of justice...

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