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3214062481 / 321 406 2481

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 321-406-2481 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 3214062481 ID

  • Num PFX: 321
  • Num SFX: 321406
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Paetec Communications
  • State: FL - Florida
  • County: Orange
  • City: Orlando
  • Timezone: Eastern

321-406-2481 User reports

User Jackie reported on Sat, 23rd of Jul 16, 18:28

Same exact scam- gotten twice now from two different area codes- one from NY and one from Los Angeles- I am in Maine. Used the names Dane Mill and Cynthia Cole
User Robbin reported on Wed, 22nd of Jun 16, 10:56

She strikes again. Same story. I'm pissed bc my dad was scammed for $100,000 bc he was vulnerable to dementia. There is no protection from these vultures when they latch onto vulnerable people. Once those that are wise catch onto them, Thur just laugh at us and move on. It's so sad.
User Meaghan reported on Thu, 16th of Jun 16, 19:40

Same as above, to a "T"
User Pam reported on Tue, 14th of Jun 16, 13:14

Same as everyone else word or word
User Laci reported on Tue, 14th of Jun 16, 12:30

Hi guys, I just got the exact same message as the ones reported above. I felt something was off so I googled it and found this. I'm in Michigan.
User Lorna reported on Tue, 14th of Jun 16, 11:24

Same message here and I"m in Michigan. Told her I wasn't set up to process credit cards this was her response. "you can sign up on a new credit card processing on your phone with know stress if you have none before". As of 10 minutes ago I haven't heard back. Be very careful out there.
User Stephanie reported on Mon, 13th of Jun 16, 11:42

Thank you for posting these. I just got the same message asking if I did Body Massage. I have not and will not reply. Thanks!
User Jen reported on Mon, 13th of Jun 16, 10:39

Asked for 7 appts. for a surprise for girls at work. Text me that caller was hearing impaired. Also mentioned caller was in hospital for an upcoming surgery. Extremely fishy beware of this scam
User MC LMT reported on Tue, 31st of May 16, 23:06

Got the same exact message today on my cell phone in Portland, Oregon.
User Todd reported on Thu, 19th of May 16, 13:22

Just got the same thing as everyone else, and im in Utah. they even went as far to offer to pay for a hotel room for me to do out-call massages at. i knew it was definitely a scam as soon as she said that
User Jesse reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 16:36

My wife just go the same thing. Trying to figure out how to report them
User Rachel Kolean reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 13:52

Exact same thing with body massage, credit card, and name. I kinda chuckled to myself knowing this is a SCAM!
User Rhonda reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 10:37

Just received a text from Mary Lawrence...."do you have any availability in June for body massage and do you accept cc payment"..."hearing impaired, can only text" and the text goes on and on.....I questioned her about this so called massage session's and she has not responded back.........must be getting names and numbers from the Florida massage board.!....this number is an Orlando number......I plan on contacting Tally and give the state a heads up.....bad enough these scammers bombard our email, now our phone.?!?!....this is my livihood .......BE CAREFUL
User Barry reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 7:28

I just got the same thing in north port fl total scam
User Amber reported on Mon, 9th of May 16, 10:39

I just got the text message that says the exact things as others are saying...
User Dave reported on Wed, 20th of Apr 16, 9:21

Scam!!!! message was. "Hello this is Mary Lawrence are you available for Body massage and do you accept credit card Payment?" I said yes then got the following message "Am hearing impaired.....I want to make a great surprise for my workers can you handle 1 hour Swedish massages for 7 people? if yes let me know the date and time you will be available in May And you split them for 2-3 days? let me know the date you will be available in May,i also have a driver that will bring them to you with know stress.."
User Claudia reported on Mon, 11th of Apr 16, 9:28

I literally just got done texting her with her.. she told me she was hard of hearing and same story. Thank you fellow massage therapist for posting this!
User Bianca reported on Wed, 6th of Apr 16, 12:19

Just got the same text as everyone else. My name is Mary Lawrence are you available for a body massage and do you accept credit cards? I asked how she found me and she said Facebook. Well my Facebook account is inactive. I continued the conversation just to see how far they would go. I knew it was a scam from the get go so I am writing this hoping someone else won't fall for these schemes.
User Jenn reported on Mon, 4th of Apr 16, 10:26

Received this:

Hello, this is Mary Lawrence are you available for Body massage and do you accept credit card Payment?"

I called the number and it goes to voicemail. I know this is not a legit phone number and asked them to remove me from their call list. After I call, I receive another message:
"am hearing impaired...i can only text.."

I have received tons of these. So annoying.

Another number is (408)444-5932 from "Annie Cole"
User Riva reported on Fri, 1st of Apr 16, 9:26

Same as above. Says she's hearing impaired. When I said she would have to do the credit card in person she said she was in the hospital.
User Paige reported on Thu, 31st of Mar 16, 8:22

This would be the second time for me in 5 months. The first one was also "hearing impaired"! I told them to get a real job lol
User Naive reported on Wed, 30th of Mar 16, 12:24

Same as above
User Lynn reported on Thu, 17th of Mar 16, 18:00

Same massage as above. Asked me to charge $1650 plus my rate for the driver. Very fishy
User Sandy reported on Thu, 10th of Mar 16, 11:24

I told them that the only kind of massage that we do is body and that it was a really stupid question. I also asked them to go ahead and fwd me all of their credit card information so we could save some time and I could call the police to report a stolen credit card.
User Joshua reported on Thu, 10th of Mar 16, 11:04

Just had the same scan for Kansas City. Thank you all for putting this info online. I am not trusting them.
User Kelley reported on Thu, 10th of Mar 16, 9:42

I just recieved the same message today, The name was Mary Lawrence..Its funny when they ask.."do you do body massage?" What kind of massage are they looking for. I have about one of these messages a year.
I was first asked in this text message if I did body massage and if I took credit card. After my response, I got the " i want to make a great surprise for my workers can you handle 1 hour swedish massage for 7 people. if yes let me know dates and times you will be available in april. And you will be handling them for 2-3 days? let me know the date and time available in april. i also have a driver thet will bring them to you ....etc
User Sandy reported on Thu, 10th of Mar 16, 9:32

Ditto. Do we do body massage and do we take credit cards.
User Janae reported on Wed, 9th of Mar 16, 16:04

Just got the same msg as above
User Patrick reported on Wed, 9th of Mar 16, 13:27

Got the same message about massage... Same story, scam!
User Michelle reported on Wed, 9th of Mar 16, 7:40

I just had this number text me asking if I do Body Massage and if I take credit cards. Found me on Facebook blah blah blah. Wanted to get 7 hour massages for their friends. I told them I did not take credit cards over the phone but if they wanted to meet me at the local police department to exchange cash for the gc that would be ok. No response.

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