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3523482633 / 352 348 2633

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 352-348-2633 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 3523482633 ID

  • Num PFX: 352
  • Num SFX: 352348
  • Num Type: Cellphone
  • Designated by: Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • State: FL - Florida
  • County: Marion
  • City: Ocala
  • Timezone: Eastern

352-348-2633 User reports

User dk reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 9:20

How is it that he is still able to make all these calls? All these opportunities to keep trying? Is there ANYTHING we can do, to keep from becoming a victim?
User dk reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 9:19

How is it that he is still able to make all these calls? All these opportunities to keep trying? Is there ANYTHING we can do, to keep from becoming a victim?
User Lucy reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 8:42

Called and when I tried to call back not a working no
User Hugh Smith reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 8:23

Called my cell this morning 2/24/16 at 11:21am, but I did not answer.
This is most likely a scam.
User JEN reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 8:20

called my cell phone 3 times within 2 minutes. Left a message about credit card
User joe reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 8:14

Called and I did not pick up
User Eddie reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 8:11

Called my cell phone and no one was there and tried to return call and would not go thru. They have called repeatedly and I have not answered it. This must be a scam. I would advise that you block this number, I am.
User mh reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:59

Called my cell phone and was prompted to speak to a customer service agent regarding my credit card interest rate. Pushed 1 and was connected to a representative with a decidedly foreign accent. I asked which credit card this was in reference to, and was told Chase, Capital One, Bank of America, and any Visa or MasterCard account I may hold. I asked how they can lower rates on my existing accounts and I was told "You just leave that to us to worry about. Do you want the lower rate or Not???" I replied, "I asked a very specific Question" .... CLICK don't get sucked in by these phishing attempts.
User Hec reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:51

They just called with a recording to hit key because my credit card offer is about to expire. My phone is in the do not call list. Scam is written all over.
User Rich reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:50

I received a call from 352-348-2633 this morning, the caller said he was going to reduce my intrest rate to a fixed rate due to a good payment history. He told me that Experion had generated the call becacuse of a credit score over 680. He further stated he worked for Card Member Services and wanted me to confirm my Credit Card Number for him. I refused and started to question him, at which point he told me his name (Jake West) and gave me his employee nuimber (BX704). He then said he was calling on a card with a balance of greater than $4,000 and again ask me to confirm the number. I told him if he is calling form the Credit Card company he should know the number (or at least the last purchase I made). He again said the balance was greater than $4,000 and at this point I knew it was a scam so I said, I don't carry a balance, I pay it off every month. HE HUNG UP, I called the number back and received a message stating the NUMBER HAD BEEN DISCONECTED. He had a forein accent. I had him on speaker phone so everyone could hear what he had to say. He called shortly after 9 AM.
User LC reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:48

Just hung up on them. Don't recognize the number
User Kevin reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:44

I got this same call and explained I dont have a credit card and they called me a liar...asked to be removed and was told ... "Hold on mother f88888 while I remover your number...." I have reported them numerous times.
User jc reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:43

called my cell phone. I was not able to answer. No message left. Call from Leesburg, FL according to caller ID. I will ignore based on other comments.
User PH reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:42

Caller on my cell. Did not recognize it so I rejected the call. I use my cell very little and if I don't know the person who is calling, it turns out to be a wrong number or a scam "You won" call. I'd block this one.
User Jim reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:25

Claims to be from "card member services" a company that generates bills for credit cards. total chop market consolidation scam.

Called at 7:15AM...ridiculous...
User becky reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:22

recorded message from credit card company saying there is no problem...
User Bruce reported on Wed, 24th of Feb 16, 7:21

Scam, and hung up on me before I even completed my sentence "I am not how yo got my number, can you please" they hung up on me!

I was going to say can you please remove my number off your calling list?
but they rudely hung up on me before I completed it!

These people are scammers and rude

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