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3609737008 / 360 973 7008

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 360-973-7008 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 3609737008 ID

  • Num PFX: 360
  • Num SFX: 360973
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Frontier Communications Northwest Inc.
  • State: WA - Washington
  • County: Whatcom
  • City: Bellingham
  • Timezone: Pacific

360-973-7008 User reports

User Teresa reported on Fri, 23rd of Sep 16, 12:19

Same as above...irs gonna sue me.
User Pete reported on Thu, 22nd of Sep 16, 11:23

Was receiving calls a couple of times a day from this, never answering them. It stopped for about 3 weeks and just started again. The message did not include anything related to the purpose of the call, but I knew the number. I called them back and an Indian guy answered the phone and I told him that I wanted to be removed from his autodialer and he said he would do it and never tried to verify my number. I will be calling the IRS next, as I'm sure they would be interested in this BS.
User ann reported on Thu, 22nd of Sep 16, 6:08

Just received a robo call from 360-973-7008 stating that the IRS has been trying to reach me and for me to call 360-973-7008....
If the IRS wants me they have my address and social security # etc....

User Cheryl reported on Wed, 21st of Sep 16, 12:52

Someone called me from this number saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. FRAUD!!! SCAM. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK!!
User Kim reported on Wed, 21st of Sep 16, 12:31

Only caught the last half of the message about something being on file. My org just warned against these calls.
User FloridaCracker reported on Wed, 21st of Sep 16, 10:21

Received voicemail on cell phone. Automated, robotic sounding female voice stating, "After frequent attempts to contact you, the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. This is your final notice. You may contact us at: 360-973-7007." My husband said he's deleted many of the same messages from our home landline. He also said that the IRS notifies by mail, not by phone & especially not by cell phone.
User Anonymous reported on Wed, 21st of Sep 16, 9:57

Female left v-message I am being sued by the IRS. Attempted to report to Treasury dept but since I have not suffered a loss would be too lengthy to fill out all the paper work. Hate it that some people get caught by this scam.
User MTM reported on Wed, 21st of Sep 16, 6:14

IRS vmail scam - didn't answer - left voicemail - deleted and blocked.
User Wyk reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 18:35

Female left a v-message I am being suit by the IRS, wants me to call them at 360-973-7008 . Sounds like a silly scam.
User Krista reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 11:18

its a scam when they called me threatening with a law suit i waited and it said "please hold someone will be right with you" and it hanged up when i called back the guy with the strong Indian accent answered and i said i already filled a complaint and i have my attorney on the line. he said i'm sorry i have made a mistake in calling the wrong number and that my number will be removed. I still haven't told him my name so how would he know my number is a mistake??
User Roger reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 10:36

I have received these calls too. If you've been getting these callse, please do as I have done and report this to the Inspector General for Tax Administration at: https://www.treasury.gov/tigta/contact_report_scam.shtml.
User Daniel reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 10:14

I received a partial voicemail, from an automated female voice, stating something about a case against me and to call this number.
User elli reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 9:11

called 9/20/16
User Emily reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 8:54

9/20/2016 Indian person is calling to tell me about IRS ...
Can someone, please, report and endorse repercussions on this thick-Indian accent guy. Why are people allowed to scam and emotionally torture other people without consequence for their irresponsible actions...
User Yvonne reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 8:32

9/20/16 Same as above IRS has filed a law suit against me. They left a voicemail. I did not call back.
User Tim reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 7:52

Call number back six times is a scam changed his name each time I called him sounds like hes calling from india!!! Told me on the last call he wanted to fxxx my mom
User Stefan reported on Tue, 20th of Sep 16, 6:49

I received a call threatening the IRS was going to sue me, but I knew that the IRS doesn't call they send letters so I hung up. Then I called the number back and when the man answered I couldn't understand what he said so i asked what is the name of your company and was told "this is not a company, it is the IRS a government service". I hung up
User mark reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 15:17

scam, IRS and lawsuit, go ahead and block this caller. 9/19/16
User Tiffany reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 14:50

There must be a lot of suckers out there enabling criminals to keep this phone scam alive. 9/19/2016
User Nicky reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 11:31

Same call IRS filling suit 9/19/16
User Pete reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 11:19

Received IRS scam call on 9-19-16
User Carol reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 10:47

Same irs scam
User Dan reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 9:58

Same here. I didn't call back, as stated I have been sued by them.. they send letters registered
User Anon reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 7:52

I also got a fake call saying they were the IRS & they are filing a lawsuit against me. Don't call back! Super scammy.
User bob reported on Mon, 19th of Sep 16, 7:13

Called saying the IRS will be filing a law suit. 9/19/16
The IRS mails letters to that effect!! ( past knowledge) They do not call with an automated dialer.

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