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5043150382 / 504 315 0382

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 504-315-0382 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 5043150382 ID

  • Num PFX: 504
  • Num SFX: 504315
  • Num Type: Cellphone
  • Designated by: Level 3 Communications
  • State: LA - Louisiana
  • County: Orleans
  • City: New Orleans
  • Timezone: Central

504-315-0382 User reports

User Private reported on Tue, 19th of Apr 16, 5:21

504-315-0382 - Just another roach coming out of woodwork preying on honest, but sometime gullible folk. They hope to make a buck by stealing what you have, if you let them. Same ole scamming recording saying being sued by IRS.......
FYI: The U S government, IRS, does not make contact with people by telephone. An official letter will be mailed from IRS for official business they may have with an individual.
Please pass the word on and Inform elderly people you know about this scam.
User Ralyn reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 15:38

4/15/2016 Just received a voicemail saying that they were the IRS and I was being sued and to call them back. Upon calling them back a lady answered and you could tell she was in some sort of call center. She was trying to tell me that I owe over $3,000 for the years 2010-2015 from fess and miscalculations in my taxes. When I told her that I wanted something in writing stating this she transfered me to a senior officer who said his name was Mike Johnson IRM# 10172. He proceeded to tell me that they were going to be sending an officer to my address to collect the money only after they gave me the papers. Told him didn't have that kind of money so asked if I could pay half of it. Told him no I couldn't and he then told me that if they did a verification on my checking account and I had funds then I would be in trouble for lying to an officer. I told him there was $120 in my account and he said well if I couldn't pay it then I should just hang up there's nothing more they can do for me. So he disconnected the call and hung up on me. I believe this is another scam it there so beware if you get a call from this number.
User Jeremy reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 14:44

Same thing here. Computerized voice stating that it was my final notice and was being sued by the IRS. I haven't claimed anything tax wise ever out of Louisiana, so I find it a little fishy that the IRS would call me from there, considering I have always lived in Georgia. Definite SCAM.
User David reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 13:57

Asked for name and employee ID. Then asked for physical address so that I could turn them in to our fraud department. They hung up on me. Then I back several times. They pick up the phone and immediately put on hold. I then called from another phone, they answered and then asked for name and employee number and they hung up. Call back, pick up and hang up.

Wonder if it is a scam. :-)
User Tamara reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 13:09

IRS scam! Tried calling back but it was no longer in service
User jm reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 13:00

Called them back and blasted their pathetic FOREIGN asses!!!
User Jess reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 12:25

Seems everyone is getting a call like this today. I too received a call stating they are the IRS and a lawsuit is being filed against me because I owe money. I received a refund this year and know I owe nothing. IRS was always send something in writing. They never contact you my phone or email. I think I will call back for fun. Slow day at work.
User NC reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 11:54

Call from this number. Left voice mail saying that I was being sued by the IRS and to call this number immediately. No way will I call them back.
User Like I Need This reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 11:08

504-315-0382 - I called five times and kept getting "disconnected" because I wanted to know when and where this lawsuit was filed. I asked for a supervisor and spoke to someone who sounded like they were on drugs. The last time I called they told me if I was going to be smart with them to stop calling this number and hung up on me. So that tactic worked.
User JW reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 10:56

Computer generated voice recording that says "you are being sued by the IRS" hmm...probably not. So I call and it doesn't ring but someone answers and says in a garbled voice "case (undetectable) IRS may I help you?" and I just sat there to listen and you can hear others in the background on similar phone calls. Way to go jerks, calling on tax day. They also called me from 209-328-5270 - literally the exact same voicemail. Nice try jerks
User T. Vinson reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 9:45

I received a call on 4/15/16 around 11:30am. I let it go to answer phone. They left a message to call about a "case number..." I naturally did not return the call because I had heard about the tax fraud calls earlier in the day. Suspect this is what it was.
User yikes reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 9:42

IRS scam number.
User SB NYC reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 9:39

Voice recordig stating that I am being sued by the IRS. Doubt they'd call me from New Orleans, pretty sure they are in DC.
User B Boy reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 8:29

IRS and/or Windows security calls. They claim both in their messages. When you call them back, they ask when you received the call and what it was about. I told them it was funny that they didn't know what they had called me about. Then they start asking for your number and personal information. It's fun to toy with them. Ask them why, if they are the IRS, they need your personal information. The IRS already has all this. Then ask them what country they are calling from because they are obviously Pakistani or middle eastern. Their calls are aggravating but you can make a fun game out of it. I had one woman on the line for a good long time before she finally swore at me and hung up. Then I called back and asked why she had hung up. Amusing on a Friday when I am stuck on the computer watching company webcasts.
User Jennifer Ashcraft reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 8:17

I got a call with a recording saying I was being sued by the IRS and to call 504-315-0382. I figured it was a scam, so I decided to check. Just want others to know!
User I Got One Too reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 7:55

I received a call from this number with a recording stating I was being sued by the IRS and to call that number back.
User Concerned reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 7:45

Also received a fraud IRS call saying that I was being sued by IRS
User Honest reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 6:59

Fraud IRS Calls. Don't provide any information.

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