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6195462114 / 619 546 2114

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 619-546-2114 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 6195462114 ID

  • Num PFX: 619
  • Num SFX: 619546
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Cox California Telcom, L.l.c.
  • State: CA - California
  • County: San Diego
  • City: San Diego
  • Timezone: Pacific

619-546-2114 User reports

User michael fredman reported on Mon, 18th of Jul 16, 16:25

dido AZ 4 pm 7 18 16 believe scam
User Jenny reported on Wed, 6th of Jul 16, 17:22

Received 3 calls back to back on 7/6/16 around 7:10 pm CT. I did not answer because I was busy in the bathroom (LOL). I searched my phone call directory and listened to the message. Just heavy breathing and then they hung up. I am so annoyed at these type of calls I am on the (don't laugh) Do Not Call Registry but do they care? NO! It is some type of scammer. I get fake calls from Dell, the IRS, etc threatening me with my computer is infected and criminal charges for owing taxes. I have always filed and never owe. The IRS scammer is the meanest, they will say they have called the police and will break down my door and shot if I did not send money. Sadly, I have to suggest, NEVER give money to a charity unless your name is not identified. I get so many calls from Vets, Police, Firefighters, Disabled. I am disabled and living on disability from Social Security and when I tell the caller this, they tell me I should donate because I know how it feels to live on a small fixed income. Go figure!
User Gram reported on Tue, 5th of Jul 16, 10:52

Caller said hello, didn't recognize the number so I waited for him to ask for a person. He hung up.
Sometimes you have to pick up and not respond just like them.
User paa reported on Wed, 1st of Jun 16, 15:57

Received call from unknown wireless 619 546 2114 on June, 2016. Did not leave a message Hang up caller!
User Sarah reported on Mon, 23rd of May 16, 15:51

I've gotten a few calls from this number. When I pick up, nobody answers, so I just hang up. These putos need to stop calling!!!
User jackie reported on Thu, 19th of May 16, 18:32

Got a call from this number today 5/19/16 called Id said wireless caller, I answered, Hello! Then they hung up. Area code in San Diego,
Probable junk call
User Greg reported on Thu, 19th of May 16, 11:30

On Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 11:23 AM, I received a call from 619-546-2114, and it indicated that it was a wireless caller.

The caller appeared to have a foreign accent asked to speak to someone who I couldn't make out. I suspect the caller was East Indian, and I asked for him to repeat who he was wanting to speak with, and he did once and I still didn't get it, and asked again, and he hung up.

I don't know what sort of RUDE culture Indians come from, but I've had it with anyone who comes from a "culture" where RUDE behavior is the norm, and it's clear East Indians come from a "culture" like this.
User shuco reported on Wed, 11th of May 16, 9:42

hey Keep calling, same peaple from san diego I yest dont pick up
User fifi reported on Thu, 5th of May 16, 10:50

Keep getting calls from this number. They never leave a message. I never pick up. Probably a scammer. I am so sick of it!
User Betsy reported on Mon, 2nd of May 16, 11:59

This call came in on April 27,2016 at 6:37 pm. I did not recognize the number and blocked it.
User Aurora reported on Fri, 29th of Apr 16, 10:22

I received a phone call from this number on April 29th 2016 @ approximentally 10:07 am. When I answered all I could hear was breathing and then the person hung up! uuggh! I looked up the number and it gave me San Diego!

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