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6787997422 / 678 799 7422

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 678-799-7422 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 6787997422 ID

  • Num PFX: 678
  • Num SFX: 678799
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Matrix Telecom, Inc DBA Trinsic Communications-ga
  • State: GA - Georgia
  • County: Gwinnett
  • City: Norcross
  • Timezone: Eastern

678-799-7422 User reports

User jenna reported on Wed, 4th of Dec 19, 10:37

absolute waste of time these guys
User Chuck reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 14:14

Any time I am not addressed by my legal name, as in this case, I immediately block the number. A group claiming to be IRS does same thing.
User joe reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 11:59

regina outlaw at this number - they won't give out any details - total scam - law enforcement should take action on crooks like this
User CHAN reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 10:37

User Qweda reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 14:39

I just recvd message saying that they have case against me for fraud and imperative to call them or my lawyer
User Keren reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 12:07

Regina Outlaw called me today. People suck sometimes.
User donna reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 10:42

I received a phone call today from Deborah outlaw regarding a pending fraud case against me have my attorney or legal counsel call back. so I called back ask who they where so they represent direct lending company over a small payday loan with a bank I never banked with I asked them to send something in writing they refused the lady got mad and hung up!!! a bunch of mess I tell you.
User Kristen reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 10:10

I just received a phone call from this telephone number. The lady's name is Jackie. Apparently I have a litigation pending against me from 2013, in regards to a "small payday loan" which "defaulted". Now, I just received a phone call last Thursday, stating the same exact thing. However, last week was a different phone number, different area code, company, etc. Also, the information doesn't match. I was given two different addresses of mine, two different bank accounts, etc. I have not received ANYTHING by mail up to date. I have not heard anything before this month. Oh, and the dates they gave were different as well. Friday's caller said 2011..today's caller...Jackie, says 2013.
User SW reported on Mon, 16th of May 16, 17:03

I received the same call today. I had the same type of call earlier this month, lady said if I didn't pay I would be receiving a notice from the sheriff the very next day (I am still waiting). I was taken once by fraud, now I am extremely careful. Way too many scammers out there!
User L.D. reported on Mon, 16th of May 16, 12:26

Same number called me.
Women was a black lady for sure.
Saying we would be prosecuted about some loan with a bank that no longer exists.
See many others are getting these calls.

Is anyone doing anything about this?
This scam operation needs to be shut down.
User Darlene reported on Mon, 16th of May 16, 8:30

I too received a call from Regina Outlaw with the fraud division stating she has a case in her office and the she needs to speak with me or my attorney immediately. I see I'm not the only one.
User Meg reported on Fri, 13th of May 16, 11:19

This lady has called me several times stating that "your case is my office and I need you and your attorney to contact us immediately before we take further action against you," freaked me out. I blocked her number from calling me again since I went on the internet and saw that I wasn't the only one. Stay strong people! Maybe enough us will comment and will put an end to these empty threats!
User Brad reported on Fri, 13th of May 16, 8:55

Regina Outlaw called about a case against me. Fraud.
User Lisa reported on Fri, 13th of May 16, 7:56

Regina Outlaw called from fraud division. Said pending case have lawyer contact them. FRAUD!!!!!!!
User Molly reported on Mon, 25th of Apr 16, 17:38

Just received a call that there was a case against me and either I or my attorney needed to call immediately. ...too bad I've received more than one of these calls and know to look the number up first!
User Pam reported on Mon, 25th of Apr 16, 11:16

Just received a call from the same person, Elizabeth, saying there was a fraud case against me and I or my attorney must call immediately.
User Kris reported on Fri, 22nd of Apr 16, 6:59

Just got call from Elizabeth warmer stating I need to call them back or have my Lawer call them. Today Jr I will go to jail tomorrow for fraud
User Cliff reported on Fri, 22nd of Apr 16, 6:51

I just received a phone call from these thieves. I told them to notify me thru the mail. If they do I can take it to the local authorities and then they will also be in trouble for several mail fraud violations......they immediately hung up.
User Katelyn reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 14:51

I got the same call today they had old information on me from 5 years ago saying I was going to jail and that I was being charged with fraud and I told them I was contacting my lawyer.
User Shea/Sharon reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 13:59

that's the same lady that called me... thats funny cause my name is Sharon too..
User Sharon reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 13:27

They left me a message saying they had a fraud against me. She said her name was Elizabeth Waymer with the fraud department.
User Errol reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 12:42

I just got a call saying the same thing that Shea's caller was saying. A) have no loans, have had no loans, and haven't lived in the sate for nearly 5 years. Currently pulling my credit file and scrutinizing every account.
User shea reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 12:24

I just had the same phone call saying I have a felony fraud account with them. And I better call them back or get my lawyer to call them!!
User sherree reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 10:04

i received a call today telling me that they we collecting on a loan that was done 2013 and is now a class 3 felony. too bad i told them i dont bank with that company and have lived in that state for over 4 years. he then tells me that he will take care of - there is nothing that i need to do. i am calling the credit bureaus to notify them.
User Ken reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 8:57

I received the same call today
User Mary reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 8:08

They were demanding money saying they would send the police to our house if we didn't pay over phone right then over the phone

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