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7017129208 / 701 712 9208

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 701-712-9208 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 7017129208 ID

  • Num PFX: 701
  • Num SFX: 701712
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Onvoy
  • State: ND - North Dakota
  • County: Burleigh
  • City: Bismarck
  • Timezone: Central / Mountain

701-712-9208 User reports

User Lnda reported on Mon, 25th of Jul 16, 17:48

I was called by the same number 701-719-9208 saying if I don't pay 1,322 by 10:00, I was going to be arrested because I have 2 felony warrants on me from a payday loan I had in 2011
User A lawyer reported on Tue, 28th of Jun 16, 15:40

These people called me at work not knowing that I am a lawyer. The caller stated that he is a process server and was going to serve me a warrant for my arrest. I laughed and asked the caller if he knew what the warrant was for and he said no. I stated that if he was a legitimate process server, that he would know what the warrant was for and that a process server will NOT call you to warn you that there was a warrant, they would just serve the warrant. He then gave me 701-712-9208 to call to serve the matter. I then let him know that I was indeed a lawyer and he hung up on me. This fraud, please do not fall for this type of thing, because you will be out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for something that isn't yours. Someone else told me that she received the same type of call and that the person told her that it was for a payday loan that she took out back in 2012 and that she would be arrested for check fraud, wire transfer fraud, etc. if she didn't contact 701-712-9208 to pay the outstanding debt and they will cancel the warrant. I laugh at that...if a warrant is issued to anyone, only a judge can cancel the warrant, a company or even the police cannot cancel a warrant. Please note that you can not be arrested for a debt! If you read the fine print on a payday loan account, it will use an arbitrator to settle, which means that they can only sue you for the debt! Please do not fall for this type of scam.
User Sick of Scams reported on Thu, 23rd of Jun 16, 12:32

Melissa Danado called me twice in a row from 307-274-4130, stated she was a process server and that she was calling to warn me that they were going to proceed with an arrest warrant for 2 counts of wire fraud. When I asked what case number they had, she stated there wasn't a case number as the paperwork hadn't been filed yet. She stated I could call Meadowbrook Mediation, a federal attorney’s office, at 701-712-9208 for a court release number that will stop this arrest. I stated that I would call this office and would get back to her. She gave me the number of 855-621-7221 to call back. After investigating these numbers, it appears this is a scam (shockingly). I'll be complaining to the Wyoming and Colorado attorney general offices. As I was typing this, Melissa Danado called again and asked if I’d had a chance to get the number. I hadn’t as she called twice within 45 minutes.
Called 701-712-9208, spoke to “Mediations”, Ms. Sawyer. Transferred out of office, violation of federal banking regulations. Collateral check fraud, purposely wrote check to advance cash. 1533.92 Advanced Cash 866-202-5850. 316 5th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501. Meadowbrook Mediations. No Meadowbrook Mediations at the above listed address. When I search Advanced Cash, there’s a fraud alert out.
User Theresa reported on Thu, 23rd of Jun 16, 10:52

Got the same call and same story about felony warrants. So I called my police station in Erie pa and they confirmed it is a scam and fake and not to worry I will not be arrested.
User Shannon reported on Thu, 23rd of Jun 16, 8:24

Received the same call, stating that they had received a 2 part felony complaint that was placed in their office "some time ago". (What??). They also claim to have sent certified mail to an address that I haven't lived @ for 4 years. They state that the felony warrants will be executed by herself and uniformed officers to my home and place of employment for my capture. Said to call this number if I or my attorney had any concerns, statement of record, objections, etc. and that I had been legally notified.

So I call 855-621-7221 & am told that the name of the company is United Services. They verify that there is a case in their office BUT if I want to know more about it, I had to call 701-712-9208 (Meadowbrook Mediation). So I call the aforementioned number & speak to a receptionist. She asks for verification of my SSN and I tell her that she has it in front of her so I'm not verifying it. She proceeds to tell me that I need to speak with one of the attorney's in the office. She connects me to an "attorney" (now keep in mind that I can hear other people talking in the background, much like a call center. Any legitimate attorney would be in an area by themselves) who claims that I owe some loan place $1730 from 2012 & that her advice was to speak with a criminal defense attorney (something about federal banking laws, collateral something or other, etc.). I filed Chapter 7 in 2013.

So I contact my bankruptcy lawyer, who confirms that this is a SCAM. She stated that her office receives calls like this ALL THE TIME. She also said that you can file Chapter 7 on online payday loans, etc. Bottom line- Don't give them any money. You aren't going to jail.
User Josh reported on Tue, 21st of Jun 16, 17:44

I got a call from this number also saying that i have 2 felony warrants if i dont pay $1,200 by 11 tomorrow. I also received a voice mail telling me to call 855-621-7221. How did u get them to stop calling u Irene?
User Irene reported on Mon, 20th of Jun 16, 11:25

Got a call from 701-712-9208 threatened to file criminal charges if I do not pay the $1,400 before Noon tomorrow. using the name MedBrook Group of attorneys. Also, the scam artist is working with other associates with 1-517-743-8008 say their name is United Services of Michigan. Both say they represent this co called "Cash Advance." Another number is 1-855-621-7221 sa her name is linda. once you pay medbrook ask them to give u a court release document and they will stop the prosecution preceedings.

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