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7143160360 / 714 316 0360

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 714-316-0360 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 7143160360 ID

  • Num PFX: 714
  • Num SFX: 714316
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Allegiance Telecom
  • State: CA - California
  • County: Orange
  • City: Santa Ana
  • Timezone: Pacific

714-316-0360 User reports

User Frank reported on Mon, 27th of Feb 17, 10:40

Thanks for info, I won't even bother calling these folks back. Call from this number came in today.
User Brenda reported on Tue, 18th of Oct 16, 15:42

This is a scam so don't give out any personal information.
User EP reported on Thu, 8th of Sep 16, 17:06

SCAM! Delinquent payday loan! Takes a bank account to get one! Have not had a bank account in over 12 years after getting scammed through my bank!
Block their call and any other non-recognizable number that comes through on your cell phone! They use multiple numbers from California, Illinois, and places on the east coast! HUGE Racket! Tell your friends and family members to block these numbers as soon as they receive the first call! If the number comes up with out a name or as unlisted, just block it!
User Lisa reported on Thu, 8th of Sep 16, 14:01

Called me numerous times when i call back they cant tell me the name of the company
User Wanda reported on Mon, 29th of Aug 16, 14:14

Scam, they refuse to answer reasonable questions, refuse to give up Bussiness Tax ID and or address.
I blocked them then was called by another unlisted number with the same scenario. They then called a family member to forward another number same scenario again I reported it to federal trade.... This number will stop marketers and scammers from calling your cell 888) 382-1222
User Tiffany Smith reported on Thu, 25th of Aug 16, 13:03

I received a call today from 714-316-0360 claiming that I owe money to four payday loan companies acquired 2/2010 thru 04/2013. First of all, I never acquired any such loans. When I asked her to verify the Bank Account number the last four matched my account and she knew the last four of my social security. I then asked for proof of these claims to be sent via writing and the lady told me that she was a mediator and could not send anything in writing. In addition, she told me that I would be taken to court in which I told her that is fine and released the line. I am highly pissed off because now I have to worry about whether these scam artists have full access to my social and bank account number :-(
User Jennifer reported on Thu, 18th of Aug 16, 13:55

Keep calling me. Not answering. Now I know my instinct was right. Reporting them to ftc and consumer affairs.
User Lisa reported on Thu, 21st of Jul 16, 12:54

They keep calling my brother, my sister on my.phone line, and I asked whom the actual lenders they total me names I never heard of before. Do they anyone of you that they tried to send you things. When I told the guy to send me a copy validation kept on saying I guess you don't want to solve it
User A L reported on Mon, 18th of Jul 16, 13:56

Calling my moms cell phone looking for me. I dont give my moms number to anybody. Curious about how they got it. Scam fraud im guessing
User Vic reported on Wed, 22nd of Jun 16, 17:01

This is a Scam. The people are very rude, and they want your personal information and will not identify themselves as a reputable business. Be smart and do not communicate any personal information.
User Renee reported on Mon, 20th of Jun 16, 19:00

Called saying i owe money but refused to send me a debt validation letter because they went green and are a paperless company. Ftc said if i asked for a debt validation letter they need to send me one
User Ricky reported on Mon, 13th of Jun 16, 23:37

They called me as well as my whole family today. Saying I owed them money, and would be served. Such a freaking joke. Also when I called the lady out on it being a scam she told me to "go f**k your self". Then hung up.
User Ricky reported on Mon, 13th of Jun 16, 23:36

They called me as well as my whole family today. Saying I owed them money, and would be served. Such a freaking joke.
User annoyed candidate reported on Wed, 8th of Jun 16, 11:39

they have continued to call me all morning today! i called them back from a business line and they just answer saying hello and wont give their name. i asked who is this, this number continues to call my phone and no voicemail details. all he said was who is this? So i hung up and blocked the number. Hopefully that helps.
User Vee reported on Tue, 7th of Jun 16, 14:10

It's a scam. They also called me from 714-274-7526. They called everyone on my phone plan about my husband. They are very rude when they call and acuse you or your loved ones of owing money. I blocked their numbers, and will continue to block each one they call from. My father in law was scared after they called because he believed that his son owed money and was about to be sued, I had to explain to him how scams work, make sure you are educating those in your fam. so they do not give any personal info including making payments.
User Scam reporter reported on Tue, 7th of Jun 16, 10:11

They will keep calling you until you call and tell them to remove you from their call list. I guess some guy gave them my number and that's why they keep calling! Be aware of the fact that they will call and leave you minimum 6 voicemails each day so you HAVE to call them to get yourself removed from the list. And you also actually have to call them from the phone# that they keep calling; otherwise, they won't remove you from the list. I asked the guy that wouldn't remove me from the call list initially and he didn't want to tell me the company's name.. but eventually he said the name was something like Global Service Group. The company is a fraud and whatever they are doing is fraud. The workers there are also very rude, unprofessional, and just scam and flat out trash (but I'm assuming that's because they get a lot of angry people calling them; obviously this "call ppl until they die" system is not working for them). They need to be reported to the higher ups, which is what I will be doing today. They also called me from another # 714-274-7526. Oh and by the way, they hung up on me like 3 times because I kept asking what their company was called.. THEY'RE TOTAL SCAM AND MUST BE REPORTED!

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