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7203700088 / 720 370 0088

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 720-370-0088 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 7203700088 ID

  • Num PFX: 720
  • Num SFX: 720370
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Bandwidth.com Clec
  • State: CO - Colorado
  • County: Denver
  • City: Denver
  • Timezone: Mountain

720-370-0088 User reports

User zimmy reported on Thu, 7th of Jul 16, 8:19

Well I hope it worked....another 5 hrs well spent BLOWING UP all numbers.....so far today no calls are getting through...found another number 3033531949
User zimmy reported on Thu, 7th of Jul 16, 8:19

Well I hope it worked....another 5 hrs well spent BLOWING UP all numbers.....so far today no calls are getting through...found another number 3033531949
User zimmy reported on Wed, 6th of Jul 16, 10:42

Well maybe I spoke too soon.....all numbered still operate....which mean I will continue to REVERSE HARRASS....HAHAHA.....HERES AN UPDATED LIST 2094002527 is the same scammers...also 2094002527
User zimmy reported on Wed, 6th of Jul 16, 8:51

I also need to add that I believe they are using Pinger app to mask the actual phone number....i also have 7203166014 and 5053733401....this is a scam run by four people....DONT GIVE OUT ANY INFO....I blew up all three numbers this morning and I think they abandoned all of them......I WIN
User zimmy reported on Wed, 6th of Jul 16, 8:23

I WIN..... This guy called my girl friend several times claiming that she owed on a payday loan. So I called them back to get viable information which they refused to provide. I then proceeded to PHONE BOMB them for two and a half hours..... anonymously.....i harassed the three ladies and the male RELENTLESSLY.... I tried calling them back again today and I believe the number is abandoned now. It just instantly hangs up if you try to call it. ONE LESS COCKROACH FEEDING ON THE MISERY OF OTHERS!!!! CHALK ONE UP FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!!!😃😃
User JZ reported on Tue, 5th of Jul 16, 14:05

This moron called up trying to tell me I owe him for a payday loan. This William Blair character refused a physical address, then after refusing any itemization of charges, began calling me a very homophobic name. I could hear the TV in the background so this is totally a BS scam he's running from his ghetto living room... What a worthless scumbag f***head squid.
User Pissed reported on Thu, 30th of Jun 16, 16:35

I should also add that after trying to ask him questions he also hung up on me.
As another statement above
User Pissed reported on Thu, 30th of Jun 16, 16:33

My call said I had a payday loan in my account & it was "charged off" 2013. Guy named William blare? Said they sent a letter saying it would be settled for 370? Or so I don't know he was talking fast.
I can't remember taking a loan our I asked him when it waa from. He never gave me an answer.
But had said there was a judgement being placed on me?
I asked him several times for the date & place the loan was taken. & he just kept saying things like, oh you haven't ever taken out a loan, oh you don't remember?
& even though he had an old address of mine, which I told him I haven't lived on that block in years.
As I never even confirmed my name.
As the call was actually for my mother.
& I know she didn't.
He never asked for a new address.
They had an address from over 7 years ago?
User Duran reported on Tue, 28th of Jun 16, 12:52

I just received a call from this number from a William Blair. He said I owed a payday loan from 2012 and that the amount I still owed is $377.12. I said I had filed bankruptcy back then and should have been in there. He stated that they sent me a letter stating that I was informed that it could not be settled in bankruptcy. Never seen the letter. Then he hung up on me. When I called back it went to voicemail.
User Meredith reported on Tue, 28th of Jun 16, 12:30

She told me I owed over a thousand dollars, but she would settle for $370. Yet she could not provide documentation. I also asked her why this didn't show up on my credit report and she said this type of loan does not show up on credit reports. What makes me nervous is that she knows where I work. Am I vulnerable to having my identify stolen?
User Terri Vigil reported on Tue, 14th of Jun 16, 15:00

got a call from this number today and was told I needed to pay a fee for a loan I had not paid, Ashley carter is the girls name that I spoke to, My attorney called and it went to voice mail. I asked Ashley carter for her supervisor and she transferred me to a mans voicemail that had to many messages. what the heck .... scam ?
User Robb reported on Tue, 14th of Jun 16, 12:10

I have been contacted for over a month and when gave him a attorney's number he told me it was between the and me and wouldn't tall toy attorney. It is a complete scam. A real collection company doesn't do things like that
User Heidi reported on Tue, 14th of Jun 16, 9:46

That's funny Misty because I was also contacted on June 8th, and was not able to get any info
User Misty reported on Wed, 8th of Jun 16, 16:21

I was called today by this number that couldn't give me any info on "loan" i hadn't paid. Couldn't give paperwork or where it was from. Going to call me back tomorrow to see if i could work out payment. Not happening!

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