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7744526185 / 774 452 6185

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 774-452-6185 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 7744526185 ID

  • Num PFX: 774
  • Num SFX: 774452
  • Num Type: Cellphone
  • Designated by: New Cingular Wireless PCS - DC
  • State: MA - Massachusetts
  • County: Norfolk
  • City: Avon
  • Timezone: Eastern

774-452-6185 User reports

User Wk reported on Wed, 18th of May 16, 0:13

Same story, except I got the call at 3:41 a.m. I don't care about what the time of day is, even right out of a deep sleep, I know a scam when I hear one.
User Z reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 19:27

My mom got three calls from this number claiming they were with the IRS and that there was an issue. She immediately knew something was up. She works right next to an IRS location and will be bringing this up to them tomorrow.
User Lea reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 15:55

Oh, woe is me. IRS is filing a law suit against me too. SCAM... Reported the number to the Federal Trade Commission.
User Another reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 12:40

Same story as above. Left on voice mail.
User Another reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 11:53

Same story as above. IRS lawsuit, blah, blah, blah. Told them they were trying to scam us and they hung up. We kept calling them back. Now they will not take our calls. :)
User Mary reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 10:29

I received a phone message that the IRS was filing lawsuits against me and that this my final notice. It sounded like a recording and the number appeared to be from a wireless phone. My call came in at 1:20 in the afternoon.
User Karen reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 9:55

Received call 5am. Message left on phone threatened law suit. Report filed with irs
User Beth reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 9:15

I have filed a report with the IRS regarding this scam!
User Beth reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 9:15

I have filed a report with the IRS regarding this scam!
User Jim reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 9:12

Same for me. Some IRS nonsense and call the number. My guess is that the calling number will be billed just for calling this number.
User Alisha reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 8:51

Just got a voicemail from this number. The IRS is filing a lawsuit against us. They are getting smarter, unfortunately, in using a recorded computer voice message, but I'm still pretty sure the IRS doesn't use cell phones to make official calls.
User Beth reported on Tue, 17th of May 16, 8:30

Said they were calling about IRS filing law suit against me. Did not have my name or address correct. Asked them to verify the last 4 of my Ss# and they said they could not as it was a recorded line. Wanted over 5k from me. SCAM!!!

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