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8285448153 / 828 544 8153

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 828-544-8153 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 8285448153 ID

  • Num PFX: 828
  • Num SFX: 828544
  • Num Type: Cellphone
  • Designated by: Suncom DBA T-mobile Usa
  • State: NC - North Carolina
  • County: Mecklenburg
  • City: Charlotte
  • Timezone: Eastern

828-544-8153 User reports

User Rlt reported on Wed, 31st of Aug 16, 6:25

One ring hang up
User Janet reported on Thu, 11th of Aug 16, 10:01

Claimed to be company that was able to help with college loan debt. When I return the call it hung up on the very first ring!! Called again and claimed to be company offering vacations with great discounts when put through to representative it then hung up!! DO NOT TRUST THIS NUMBER!! REPORT FOR FRAUD!!
User Greg reported on Thu, 11th of Aug 16, 8:10

Robo call, Says they can do something about my student loan debt. I have no student loan debt.
User Mike reported on Thu, 11th of Aug 16, 4:21

IRS calling to tell me this was my last opportunity to pay my outstanding tax bill before an arrest warrant would be issued. IRS agreed to charge my credit card for the outstanding balance and agreed to waive penalties and interest. I told them I had to think about it and call them back.
User xyp reported on Tue, 9th of Aug 16, 10:24

Received a call that rang twice on Aug 9, 2016 at 951 am.
This criminal needs to be caught, have their hands chopped off & teeth removed immediately. They need to then be put in prison for life- theirs.
They should not be allowed to make any phone calls as they already made all the criminal calls they did.
This is being reported to the National Do Not Call List for further investigation.
User Me reported on Tue, 9th of Aug 16, 9:32

Tried calling back and got misdial recording
User Croc you suk reported on Tue, 9th of Aug 16, 9:32

Not funny.
User Croc reported on Tue, 9th of Aug 16, 8:51

I was at Disneyland, enjoying my vacation and watching my 2 year old son swim in the lagoon. I turned my attention to answer this call, and when I looked up, my son had been eaten by an alligator.
User Chris reported on Sat, 6th of Aug 16, 11:09

I did not pick up because I screen all known calls. They did not leave a voicemail message.
User Rod reported on Sat, 6th of Aug 16, 9:59

Pre recorded message saying they'll reduce your student loans. Bastards. I'm on the DNC call list, they are using automated pre-recorded calles, and I don't have a student loan.
User Chuck is funny reported on Thu, 4th of Aug 16, 10:47

^ chuck wins
User Lew reported on Thu, 4th of Aug 16, 9:42

Scammers using robocalling system. The number is a NC area code but it is actually originating off shore.
User Chuck reported on Thu, 4th of Aug 16, 8:57

Called me 3 times. I was taking a poop so I didn't answer the first two times, after answering the 3rd time the caller was a male with a Russian accent asking if I was interested in investing in a Russian Bride Transport company. He said his company found a way to send Russian brides from the former Soviet Union to the United States for under $100. After hearing this I was overjoyed, and figured at that price I could get a new bride ever few months if the old one wasn't keeping up to my standards with household chores ( dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, and home renovation projects). I am in dire need of a good woman who knows how to shingle a roof. To make a long story short I gave him my credit card number, social security number, and passport info and have agreed to invest $2000 to help get this awesome business deal off the ground. Can't wait to order my first bride so I can get my roof fixed!
User Aly reported on Wed, 3rd of Aug 16, 13:20

Automated caller
Phone Spam about student loans.

User LE reported on Wed, 3rd of Aug 16, 12:13

Hung up when I answered. I called it back from a landline and it when to a voicemail that generically says, "We reached out to you regarding your subscription. Please leave a message at the tone."
User Person reported on Tue, 2nd of Aug 16, 14:49

Hung up when I answered.
User L.A. Guy reported on Fri, 22nd of Jul 16, 11:06

Called me.. I did not answer. This is the second time in a week.
User Taj reported on Tue, 19th of Jul 16, 6:43

Recording said that my student loans were eligible for an up to %40 decreases and I should press 1 to speak to live person or 5 to decline... I hung up because I did not trust.
User Kathy reported on Wed, 22nd of Jun 16, 13:49

Called 5 times today and hung up as soon a I answered.
User Dave reported on Fri, 17th of Jun 16, 6:39

No answer
User Pete reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 11:20

I didn't even answer, and they left no message.
User Rix reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 11:19

Bumped to VM, left no message.
User Sue B reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 10:46

Wednesday June 15th..hangup when I answered
User Me T reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 10:36

Claimed to be from IRS, collecting a debt. Recorded message.
User Gary H reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 10:22

Hung up when I answered.
User Jane Doe reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 9:21

Recording, claimed to be IRS, said they could help me with my debt which I don't have so I hung up!
User Maria reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 8:54

Same as everyone else, hung up as soon as I answered.
User Helmut reported on Wed, 15th of Jun 16, 8:36

Same as the others, hang up as soon as I picked up.
User Dianne reported on Thu, 28th of Apr 16, 11:50

Hung up when I answered
User gary reported on Thu, 21st of Apr 16, 12:41

Hung when I answered.
User Mike O reported on Tue, 29th of Mar 16, 7:25

Hung up as soon as I answered.

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