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8322417090 / 832 241 7090

A majority of people do not like getting calls from telemarketers. In fact, these calls tend to be annoying to almost everyone. Here at anoncalls.com, we vet millions of anonymous calls and help you identify suspicious callers. This page is for telephone number 832-241-7090 and all the feedback users have left for it.

Anonymous 8322417090 ID

  • Num PFX: 832
  • Num SFX: 832241
  • Num Type: Home Line
  • Designated by: Broadwing Communications
  • State: TX - Texas
  • County: Harris
  • City: Houston
  • Timezone: Central

832-241-7090 User reports

User Keisha reported on Thu, 15th of Sep 16, 6:41

I have been receiving calls from "William Bailey" for several weeks now and he will not stop. First he was calling from a local San Antonio number so I blocked it. Now he is calling from an unknown number so I can not block it. He says he is from Philadelphia County and is going to serve me with papers too either at my home or job today between 3-5. If unable to I will miss my court date as well. This started actually at the of May and I thought they gave up but it has started again. I do not know how to make it stop. I can not change my number because I need it for work and my kids. There should be laws against this!!!
User Disapointed reported on Thu, 8th of Sep 16, 15:15

I received a call from "Matthew Walker" stating that he was an independent server with "X county" circuit (which my mother is one of the circuit court judges) and he was tasked me with serving papers.

He stated that he would be attempting to serve me on 9/8 between the hours of 3 and 5 at either my residence or place of work, (sheriff's department of "X County" )

if he was unable to contact me then I would miss my court date and he would be forced to say I refused to sign causing me to miss my court date and the process would continue without me...

It is now 6:10 on 9/8 and I have yet to see Mr. Walker. Which is too bad, because I really wanted to show him my shiny silver bracelets...
User TAMI reported on Thu, 8th of Sep 16, 13:14

I received a call from a KATY DANIELS who left a voicemail stating that she was going to serve me with legal documents to my home between 3 and 5pm today if I wasn't there it would go to my place of employment....also she contacted my brother as well.....then I called the 832-241-7124 which is from what I can tell a debt collection agency...spoke with a JOSEPH who was irritated when I was catching on to them and I told him if this were legite then he should know my current address not my old one and thought it was funny why they are trying to get a hold of me after 6 yrs.....he said they were a mediation firm whatever that means...I just hung up.....bring it on Katy Daniels...he also said that she is an independent process server and can call before she comes out...seems strange to me.....SCAM SCAM SCAM
User Anonymous reported on Fri, 12th of Aug 16, 6:42

Just received a voicemail from "Katy Daniels." She didn't even call just sent a voicemail. She said the same thing to me that she said to everyone else. That she was attempting to get my signature for legal documents on Monday 8/15 between 3-5 at my place of residence. Gave me a plaintiffs number to call along with a case number and everything. Weird...
User Tangela reported on Thu, 21st of Jul 16, 9:37

My sister forwarded a VM for me left by "Patrick" saying the same thing from an unavailable number. I haven't called back sounded like a scam. The only bills I owe are medical maybe it's a collection agency, idk but his scare tactic was bs.
User Jane reported on Wed, 6th of Jul 16, 9:06

Received a call from William Bailey from an unknown number, he said he was a process server. When I told him the person he wanted to speak with was not available but I could take a message, he asked did I have pen and paper once I told him yes the line went dead. A few seconds later I got a 2 sec "dead air voicemail".
User Oliver reported on Wed, 1st of Jun 16, 14:24

Received a private call and later a voicemail from "Katie Daniels" an alleged process server in my county; stating she was going to be attempting to serve me at my home or place of employment between 3-5pm, if failed it would be processed as a refusal to sign paperwork. If I had questions to call the filing party @ 832-284-7044. Called the number and it just rang. Finally received a message from some man stating to leave a message, so I did. If/when they call I will be sure to let them know that I will be contacting the police.
User Tippy reported on Wed, 4th of May 16, 15:19

I received a called and they called my brother phone leaving a voicemail with him saying they will be contacting me either at home or my job between the hours 3-5 however the person that called me name was Katie Daniels out of Dallas county but the number was unavailable the number she left me was 832-220-3779. Whomever is doing need to jump off George Bush ramp !
User Johnathan thorton reported on Wed, 4th of May 16, 7:09

Pay your bills scumbags
User Jan Johnson reported on Mon, 2nd of May 16, 11:10

I received a voicemail from Patrick Sharp stating he is a process server for Clark County Washington. That he will be serving me on May 4th 2016 between the hours of 3-5pm at my home or place of employment and if he could not serve me it would result in me missing my court date. This same person called my son. I am reporting this to the Attorney General's Office as well as Clark County Sheriff.
User KRISTIN reported on Thu, 28th of Apr 16, 14:32

Yeah they just called me today. called my brother then called my mother then threatened to come to my job between 3-5 definitely a scam.
User P.Z reported on Mon, 25th of Apr 16, 16:58

I got a today too. It's a scam,
User Michael reported on Mon, 25th of Apr 16, 14:14

Just got a message from Katy Daniels stating what has been mentioned above. This was done in Davidson County, TN. In addition to this, I got a phone call from my father in Florida asking if I had sent a package to him because he got a call from someone stating he had a package from me and they needed to verify the address.
What is up with these people.
I also had two people come by house yesterday asking for "Mike" but I do not go by that name.

User Jocelyn - another update reported on Sat, 23rd of Apr 16, 12:47

So as of today I still have NOT recieved an email confirming the alleged debt I supposedly owed and no one showed up at my place of employment with any legal documents.
User Another update from Jocelyn reported on Wed, 20th of Apr 16, 21:15

Amazingly I received a return call from the 832-241-7090 number from Joseph Renhart yesterday and I actually spoke with him. I told him that Patrick never showed up on monday as per Patrick's voicemail message that he left me last week. Joseph said, oh let me check, and in 2 seconds he said oh that got moved to the 20th, which is today. I asked Joseph what this debt was for because my uncle was the attorney general and I already gave him and his office their information so that they investigate thier company and that I also have family members in the Honolulu Police Department as well as the Sheriff's Department who usually serves legal documents for the county and they would know if any formal or legal complaint was filed against me and I need to have written proof of whatever debt they're trying to collect on as per the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. All the while Joseph kept his cool and just kept saying aha, aha I asked Joseph who thier client was and he said Saratoga and he promise to send me proof of the debt, I told him I need it sent via email and he said I would have proof before end of day yesterday and of course it's already after 6pm HST and still no proof and I have not been served any papers. Joseph did have my work email address not sure how but he still had my old address and you would think that a legitimate collection agency would have had my current address by now if they really wanted to find me. Loosers!
User Julie reported on Wed, 20th of Apr 16, 14:14

I received the same message. She said her name was Katie Daniels and they were looking for my husband so he could sign legal papers and they would stop at our home or his job between 3-5pm....
User Martha reported on Tue, 19th of Apr 16, 16:47

My sister received a call from a Katy Daniels indicating she want to serve me with papers at home or my employment between the hours of 3-5pm . It rattled my sister. I looked up this number and I found all theses messages. Do not call these people back. its a scam and they are looking to get more information on you.
User Jocelyn reported on Tue, 19th of Apr 16, 8:54

Update- as noted above in my April 16th email, Patrick never showed up at my home or place of employment and I have not received a call back to my voicemail messages from last Friday and Saturday. I will monitor my phone bill to see if any charges are being assessed to my phone as a result of me calling the number back.
User Jocelyn reported on Sat, 16th of Apr 16, 12:15

Received the same call/voicemail message from Patrick yesterday saying he was a processor for the Honolulu County in Hawaii and if they missed me between the hours of 3-5pm on mondat, april 18, that it wI'll be recorded as refusal to sign. I called the # repeatedly yesterday and it always goes into voicemail fir someone name Joseph Renhart (spelling?). I left 5 voicemails and still no return call. Will provide an update on tuesday.
User Jason reported on Fri, 15th of Apr 16, 10:41

I just had one of these calls and it made me pretty well rattled. I've had "debt collectors" call with their scams but I had NEVER had someone threaten to come to my home or my place of employment to serve papers. I called my State's Attorney General (Vermont) and his office said that although they have heard of these types of scams, they did not have a record of anyone actually following through. Their advice was to not call them or answer their calls and to avoid all forms of communication with them. It's sad that these kinds of low lives can fly under the law. I hope the advice from the Atty. General is helpful to some, but if not, you should definitely contact your State's Atty. Gen, as they like to keep a log of these types of things
User Ashley N reported on Wed, 13th of Apr 16, 16:29

Just got a call from William Bailey stating he is a process server for Utah County, UT. That he will be serving my on April 15th 2016 between the hours of 3-5pm at my home or place of employment and if he could not serve me it would result in me missing my court date. This I believe to be a scam as I had a call a few weeks ago from Mathew Thomas claiming to be lawyer for Asset Management group out of New York, that I took out an online loan in 2011 and owed 5000 but could pay 950 or I would be charged with wire fraud and check fraud. The account he gave I have never had and I never had an account in 2011 I went to my old bank to make sure and they proved me correct. They did not even call me first they called my aunt and my mother. Both who have changed their number a few years ago while I have had the same number for 10 years, but stated that they had called and gave an incorrect number. I have to admit though it seemed legit at first as they had a creepy amount of information on me though it did not add up correctly here and there. I will let you know if "William Bailey" serves me this friday.
User Sarah reported on Tue, 12th of Apr 16, 11:51

I left a comment on April 7th - see above. This guy "Patrick Sharp" (an independent process server - what is that anyway?) He never showed up between 3-5pm at my employer or house - no papers left either. SCAM!!! Need to be stopped from harassing hard working people and bothering their families - get a life!!! All they do is bully and scare and try to get money. IF anything was legitimate about this crap, an officer/sheriff would deliver/serve you with papers and if you are not home at the time of service, they leave you a note to call them back. Also check with your county if you have any judgments against you - if you do ----- you will be found and not warned prior to!!
User Amanda reported on Mon, 11th of Apr 16, 10:33

I was called from UNKNOWN woman by the name Katy Daniels same speech they're going to come to me residence or place of employment, I was given a case number and a number to call. I actually called they gave me the last 4 of social security :/ im worried I don't know what to do!?
User Kristen reported on Fri, 8th of Apr 16, 12:56

Got a call from Sara Daniels, said she was from Montgomery Co. TN saying she was coming to serve me papers today Apr. 8th between 3 and 5. Call said unavailable when she called and called my husband for me as well.curious did anyone actually ever show up?
User Gary reported on Fri, 8th of Apr 16, 9:26

I got the same call, then tried to call back, it's constantly busy. Thanks everyone to alerting me to this scam.
User Sarah reported on Thu, 7th of Apr 16, 11:32

Just got a call from my brother 2 states away with a voicemail stating PATRICK SHARP is coming to my house or job on April 11, 2016 between 3-5pm to serve me with papers and if a signature isn't obtained a court proceeding will go on without me. WHY didn't I get the call? Called the local police department and they said not to call the 832-241-7090 (Texas area code - ARS Management??) number back and that there are MANY scams coming out of Texas, California, and Florida similar to my statement. Local officer said if they are trying to serve papers and ask for money, call 911 immediately if they show up at your home or job.
User Pam reported on Thu, 7th of Apr 16, 10:46

Just got a call from William Bayley that he was with Dallas County. He was going to serve me with paper between 3-5 on a certain date at my work and home. Failure to comply would me I miss my court date. He gave me a case number also. This isn't my first attempt at trying to scam me. If the know where I live then they can mail it to me !
User Matt reported on Wed, 6th of Apr 16, 14:45

Same thing, except Patrick Sharp saying he's coming on 4/6 to San Francisco between 3 and 5 at my home or place of employment...
User Bar reported on Tue, 5th of Apr 16, 14:42

Yeah same thing, Sarah Daniels. serving me tomorrow between 3-5. Ok.
User DM reported on Tue, 5th of Apr 16, 11:41

OMG - just got the call from William Bailey... He is from Lake County - he will be serving me on Thursday between 3-5... Bring it on Mr Bailey!!
He called my cell phone, my parents land line and my husbands cell phone - and told my husband I was a terrible criminal!!
User Josh Hinckley reported on Thu, 31st of Mar 16, 14:21

Just got a call saying same thing would be at my hous or job between 3-5 to serve me papers. Didn't say what it was for what should I do?
User Chris reported on Thu, 31st of Mar 16, 10:25

Received the same message from William Bayley that he was out of Orange County, CA and would be serving me on Monday between 3-5. Total scam.
User Yeah ok reported on Thu, 31st of Mar 16, 10:22

She is supposedly going to serve me in Florida tomorrow between 3-5
User DJ reported on Thu, 24th of Mar 16, 8:40

Same thing here Sarah Gates it's a scam. She travels the country in a super jet. Lol what a scam
User Maria reported on Wed, 23rd of Mar 16, 16:38

I just received the same call at my office. Said she was a process server for San Bernardino County. Left the same information, I called the phone number and it just rings. Sounds like a scam. She can't be in every state, right?
User Sandra Evans reported on Wed, 23rd of Mar 16, 10:30

I've just receive the call from 832-241-7090. He said his name was William Bayley. He gave me a case number and I asked him what was this pertaining to? He said; looks like it's a civil case. My caller ID showed UNAVAILABLE! If this was a real legal firm, Their name & number would have shown up! I almost called them back.
User Rachel reported on Tue, 22nd of Mar 16, 7:16

Guy by the name of William Bayley called and stated that the is from El Paso County in Texas and he has some documents that need to be served tomorrow from 3-5 pm. He asked me to call 832-241-7090 to get further information he said that this was a paralegal firm but did not have further info. the number that he called from is showing as a NY phone number 631-318-3183, he also called yesterday from a number showing up as New Hampshire 603-570-4413. All this sounds like a scam to me...
User Cory reported on Mon, 21st of Mar 16, 8:44

I just received a call from the same name.(Sarah Gates) saying the same thing. Said she was a process server for Hutchinson County in Texas. Even gave me the same number to call
User Chris reported on Tue, 15th of Mar 16, 7:32

Yes, I just got a call yesterday and this morning, saying she (Sarah Gates) is a process server from my county, Essex County, MA. Said she was serving me with papers that I had to sign and if I missed her then the court proceedings would go on without me. Gave me a case number and said to call the filing party at this number, 832-241-7090. I've had multiple attempts from people trying to scam me, so I didn't think this was real. Have either of you actually been served? I'll come back here and report if it actually happens.
User Ariek reported on Wed, 9th of Mar 16, 12:45

They called me for someone else saying they were coming to my house between 3 and 5
User Amanda reported on Tue, 8th of Mar 16, 10:14

They called and said they were coming to my house...what do i do..

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